Yamaha inverter-equipped generators are silent yet powerful

Yamaha is dedicated to providing generators that deliver unsurpassed reliable power. And their inverter generators are no different. They have been created with high-quality components that provide high-quality output. Yamaha has two inverter generators available. These machines produce the cleanest possible electricity that can be generated, and they are[...]

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Electricity tariff hike another blow to Agri sector facing increased tax and wage bills

Agri SA is concerned that the decision of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) to grant Eskom a 9.61% increase in the electricity tariff will place even more strain on an agricultural sector that is already under pressure. The new tariff will take effect on 1 April[...]

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Poultry farming Part 2: Planning

In the Introduction to Poultry Farming in Issue 70 of ProAgri Zambia and Issue 26 of ProAgri BNZ, we discussed the advantages of such an enterprise, but also the problems you may encounter. Chickens will be a valuable and profitable addition to your existing smallscale farming, but you need[...]

Sustainable, dependable affordable farm electricity: Investigate the MI Power way for advice, service delivery and a proven record

Farmers are becoming more and more thrown on their own resources for dependable and affordable electricity provision. Alternative energy provision is becoming advisable and even profitable, but then the matter has to be tackled with the required expertise and responsibility. For this kind of advice, service and equipment the[...]

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Build your own electricity connection to the power grid

The huge demand for new electricity connections in the business sector caused a backlog in infrastructure delivery at Eskom in the past and, resulting in longer waiting periods for some customers.  Having now addressed the backlog, and committed to facilitating faster connections going forward, Eskom has an option that[...]

By Specialist Writer|4th June 2018|Categories: News|Tags: , , |
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