Poultry farming

Revisiting infectious bronchitis Variant 2 in layer hens

In issue 77 of ProAgri Zambia, we presented an overview of the signs and lesions of infectious bronchitis Variant 2 (also known as IS/1494/06) in layer hens. This variant was first reported in Zambia in 2017, and Phibro has detected it again in 2022, confirming its circulation in the[...]

Poultry farming Part 6.1: Poultry health

Chickens get sick very easily. Disease can kill your whole flock overnight, so it is important to make sure that you do everything you can to keep them healthy. The two most significant diseases are Newcastle disease (ND) and avian influenza (AI), also known as bird flu. Newcastle disease[...]

Poultry farming Part 5.2: Natural and artificial incubation

In the previous issue we discussed the raising of pullets and broilers to be sold as meat. In this issue we look at natural and artificial brooding of eggs to be raised as layers. Breeds of chicken In the chapter on planning your poultry farming enterprise, we looked at[...]

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