ProAgri BNZ 53

This year surely kicked off on a high note. We started off this year hitting the ground running. How has this year begun for you? 2023 came with its sets of challenges for all of us, but it still ended beautifully. I have this feeling that 2024 will be[...]

By Bianca Henning|21st February 2024|Categories: BNZ, Magazine|Tags: , , |

ProAgri BNZ 52

365 days equals 365 opportunities We are standing before a new year, 365 days, each with a new opportunity of doing something that will inch you closer towards a better tomorrow. Where do you see yourself within a years’ time? I grew up on a farm, so I know[...]

By Bianca Henning|21st December 2023|Categories: BNZ, Magazine|Tags: , , |

ProAgri BNZ 51

Closing the last page of this year’s calendar Several times I get asked by team members to assist with a farming calendar, and every time I realise this more and more: A farming calendar is more than just ink on paper; it is the lighthouse that steers the ship[...]

By Bianca Henning|18th December 2023|Categories: BNZ, Magazine|Tags: , |

ProAgri BNZ 48

The diverse and ever-evolving world of agriculture African agriculture, with its vast potential, holds the key to eradicating hunger and poverty among its rural populations. The agricultural industry is one of the most diverse industries world-wide. Agriculture has been a crucible of evolutionary change ever since its inception thousands[...]

By Bianca Henning|22nd September 2023|Categories: BNZ, Magazine|Tags: , |
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