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Closing the last page of this year’s calendar

Several times I get asked by team members to assist with a farming calendar, and every time I realise this more and more: A farming calendar is more than just ink on paper; it is the lighthouse that steers the ship of agriculture towards the shores of success.
Imagine a canvas stretched across a year, divided into 12 segments, each capturing the rhythm of nature’s pulse.

This, dear reader, is the essence of a farming calendar. The value of a farming calendar stretches beyond timetables. It enables
you to plan ahead. It is a shield against unforeseen circumstances and challenges. By knowing when challenges may arise, a farmer can be prepared, and ready to turn adversity into advantage. This calendar is the architect of proactive farming, a guard that stands against chaos.

The year 2023 was an eventful one – a year full of surprises and challenges, but we have survived, and this is a blessing. In this year we have witnessed rising inflation, increased costs, and dynamic climate events. 2023 has also been a year of deep connection, authenticity,
reinvention, and gratitude, for both our team internally and, without a doubt, for the industry.

As we close the last page of this year’s calendar, the calendar’s role does not cease. It transforms into a mirror, reflecting the year’s performance. It becomes the compass for improvement, guiding the next act, ensuring each season surpasses the last. In this season of reflection, I wish to thank the farming and agricultural industry for their continued hard work and ensuring that many of our nation’s challenges and setbacks are tackled with expertise and love. We thank our farmers for their tireless work, it is because of them that we
were able to put food on the tables throughout the year. We see you and we honour you, as always and in 2024, we carry this promise forward.

We thank our readers and clients for your loyal support and to everyone in the industry whose doors were open throughout the year, for interviews, coffee, collaboration, and commitment. And a big thank you to my team, for your hard work and dedication month after month, edition after edition. We have certainly picked the fruits of all the hard work, and I am looking forward to the new year – a fresh start where we can catch up with all the lost ideals of the past year and achieve new ideals and heights.

Wishing you a blessed holiday season!

ProAgri greetings

Bianca Henning –

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