agricultural equipment

Every need met and every industry covered … that is how Bell Equipment does it

A business focused on helping the farmer sell at the best possible price … A company with the largest support coverage in the country … Every need in every industry met … Can it be? Well, now it is! Introducing, Bell Forestry & Agriculture. Charles Inggs is the Dealer[...]

Tata John Deere Zambia bridges gaps and breaks barriers in agriculture

A valuable, dependable partner for farmers of all shapes and sizes in Zambia, is Tata John Deere Zambia, the official dealer for John Deere Agricultural, Construction and Forestry equipment in Zambia. The John Deere brand has been in Zambia for more than twenty years and has grown from strength[...]

SAZAM Agri Distributors: The one-stop-shop for farmers, big or small!

Envision this: • The leading suppliers of second-hand farming equipment in Zambia as a one-stop-shop for all types of farmers. • An outlet that understands that emerging farmers start their agricultural journey without loads of capital. • A supplier that can aid in the transition from hand farming to[...]

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