VJ Angus 27th production auction has top quality red and black bulls on offer

If high performance breeding is your aim, make sure you attend VJ’s Angus sale on Cathcart on the 30th of August. Since their start in 1982, VJ Angus's cattle have survived and performed in commercial conditions on the Eastern Cape highlands – where the cattle have proved them in[...]

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HBH Tuli and KRM Hereford production sale – The evolution of their crossbreeding program

The HBH Tuli Stud's innovative breeding system not only results in a robust and hardy breed of cattle, but also allows them to tweak and perfect their herd over time. Ed Clark's dad, Russell Clark, started the HBH Tuli Stud back in 1991. Russell still works the family farm,[...]

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Val vertoon vernuftige tegnologie by hulle grootste boeredag nog

Die room van die landbougemeenskap het vanjaar weer saamgetrek by Val Boeredag, wat Waterval Boerevereniging elke jaar in Julie reg langs die eenstraat-dorpie, Val, naby Greylingstad aanbied. Vanjaar se Boeredag is die 26ste wat Waterval Boerevereniging aangebied het. Die vereniging is in 1998 gestig met die samesmelting van die[...]

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Sernick Group welcomed old and new young upcoming famers at their Breeding Stock Auction

The Sernick Group's optimistic view of the agricultural industry in South Africa remains unchanged. The company is investing significant effort in breeding cattle that are adaptable to different environments and immune to diseases. The group recently held its first February auction, a new territory for them. The auction proved[...]

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Balfour Hooidag: Kies reg vir goeie hooi

Nuwe tegnologie en bekende staatmakers het langs mekaar geskitter by die tiende Balfour Hooidag wat na die Covid-onderbreking van twee jaar weer plaasgevind het. Die geleentheid word deur die Balfour Boerevereniging aangebied en boere in die Hoëveldstreek het die geleentheid gebruik om te gaan opweeg watter toerusting die beste[...]

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