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VJ Angus 27th production auction has top quality red and black bulls on offer

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If high performance breeding is your aim, make sure you attend VJ’s Angus sale on Cathcart on the 30th of August.

Since their start in 1982, VJ Angus’s cattle have survived and performed in commercial conditions on the Eastern Cape highlands – where the cattle have proved them in harsh and cold temperatures.

It’s no wonder that breeders and cattle farmers from across the country flock to VJ’s auction year after year to obtain some of these sought-after genetics.

Where it all began

Chris Purdon realised that there was a shortage of Red Angus bulls in the country, which led to the founding of VJ’s Angus Stud.

The initials of Chris’s mother, which are VJ, served as the inspiration for the name of the stud, which was given in her honour.

The stud works hard to produce strong, adaptable Angus cattle that can thrive in the challenging environment that we have here.

They breed cattle that have a medium frame, are easy to flesh out, and are fertile. These cattle are able to thrive in commercial environments.

Achievements of the stud:

  • The VJ Angus Stud was recognised as the South African Studbook’s Stud Breeder of the Year in 2010, in addition to having previously been awarded the Elite Angus cow title.

This year, VJ Angus has 52 bulls on offer, including 12 black Angus bulls and 40 red Angus bulls.

Mark your calendar for VJ’s production auction at on the August 30th of August 2023, at Glenfinlas farm, Cathcart.

On offer by live and simulcast auction:

  • 40 Red Angus bulls
  • 12 Black Angus bulls

Bulls are sold under the auspices of the Angus breed society.

Click here to view the auction on Agri4all.


Chris Purdon at +27 45 843 1727

Sally Purdon at +27 82 879 2744

Ian Sheard (Auctioneer) at +27 82 410 1712

Chris Sheard at +27 82 375 5920

Sheard Office at +27 45 843 1043

If you want to market your auction contact:

Lynette van Tonder – 074 694 4422 –

Tiny Smith – 082 698 3353 –

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