Know your Drotsky hammermill part 2

Using and maintaining a hammermill? There are two important things to keep in mind. First, you need to know what brand of hammermill you are using. Second, you need to which model of a particular brand of hammermill you are using. Since every manufacturer has their own design, you[...]

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Drotsky hammermill troubleshooting part 1

Hammermills are useful machines They have been used for decades across industries such as agriculture, construction, recycling, and food processing. These machines are used for pulverising, crushing, and grinding materials down to a specified size. Whether you use your hammermill to cut feed for your livestock or mill material[...]

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Farmers depend on Rumax to make top class feed

The vital key to success in animal husbandry is feed. Therefore, more and more farmers rely on Rumax to provide their animals with nothing but the best. Jaco Pieters started Rumax in 1999 by designing and manufacturing hammer mills. Later on, the company also ventured into feed mixers, manure[...]

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Rumax hammermills fit your needs and your pocket

Preparing feed for animals can be a tedious daily task, but with a machine manufacturer like Rumax in your corner, this task will be done efficiently and without hassles. Rumax manufactures hammermills, feed mixers, concentrate mixers, pellet machines, as well as muck spreaders and pruning machines. Within each product[...]

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Drotsky hammermills and feedmixers

Over a period of more than 50 years, we have built a solid reputation based on professionalism, sound business principles and unsurpassed experience and expertise. https://youtu.be/ohk3TWvKe6o See the screw conveyor in action as it moves saw dust. https://youtu.be/GyjfRt53sPE This M100 bale hammermill quickly mills the square bales. https://youtu.be/ZZjOJx8ieKo Here,[...]

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