Air Spring Supply Company

Air Spring Supply Company turns unbearable burdens into easy loads

As we survey the ever-expanding array of Toyotas Land Cruiser series gracing the South African market, Air Spring Supply Company turns its attention to Toyota’s lineup of Land Cruisers introduced over many seasons. With a keen eye for detail and an acute awareness of the demands of local drivers,[...]

Air Spring Supply Company 2 and 3 ton Airmax Air Jacks

The Air Spring Supply Company has released an exciting product that is taking the local market by storm, the Airmax Air Jack. These are a unique design that uses compressed air to raise and lower passenger vehicles, half tonners, SUV’s and 4x4’s quickly and easily. It is fast and[...]

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Firestone Air Springs – Designed for any adventure

The Air Spring Supply Company are leaders in Air Spring applications in Africa with more than 38 years of experience. They have been instrumental in providing the transport industry with unique air suspension products covering a huge range of vehicle applications and are proud of supplying well designed and[...]

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Air Spring Supply Company

Basic Principles As Vehicle Air Springs Suspension Suppliers As Vehicle Air Springs Suspension Suppliers it is our duty to provide air springs and accessories which make a difference. Moreover, we aim to supply our clients with products that enhance their efficiency while also improving safety parameters. There are two basic types[...]

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