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ProAgri Africa | Zambia 98

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Farmers are faced with the harsh challenges of climate change

I wish I knew exactly what to say to encourage farmers who are facing a failed harvest because of the drought, who have had to choose which of their crops they will save, and which they will have to watch wither away, and those who have no idea where the feed, or the money to feed their animals, will come from this year.

Some areas in Africa are experiencing the driest conditions recorded since 1981 and still, we are stuck with the question: what is the reason behind it all? We all know the impacts are compounded by increases in staple food prices, inflation, and low demand for agricultural labour, further worsening families’ ability to buy food. Malnutrition rates also remain high across Africa and could worsen if no immediate action is taken.

Almost as painful is the hopelessness you are left with after hearing the rumble of thunder, and seeing clouds gather over your farm, only for them to be blown away before they could release a single drop of water.

I certainly do not want to sit here in my office and tell those out there struggling on their farms not to lose hope. However, I would like to say only this: To those farmers where drought prevails and who continue to suffer its savagery, I am waiting patiently with you for this deathly silence to end. Let us support each other how and where we can.

The ProAgri team remains committed to our farmers, providing you with informative information, guidelines, and advice from experts on how to improve your farming operation. We are also excited to announce the merging of our Africa magazines, where you can now find all the African related stories that we cover in one edition. We will focus on our four main distribution countries, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe, but we shall now be able to cover even more stories in more African countries.

We are also very excited about attending the Agritech Expo in Zambia from 18 to 20 April 2024 at the GART Research Centre in Chisamba, Zambia.

According to the organisers, participants will be able to meet representatives from the full range of the global and African agriculture industry such as small-scale and emerging farmers, large-scale farmers, local and international investors, distributors and agents, commodity dealers and traders, trade associations, local and international industry experts and suppliers, government officials and ministers, consultants and more.

More than 19 000 visitors will descend on the AgriTech Expo Zambia, one of the largest and most professionally attended agri-trade fairs in sub-Saharan Africa. We look forward to meeting you there and covering some exciting new stories.

Bianca Henning

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