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Feeding livestock during the winter

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The winter not only brings cold weather and rain in certain areas, but livestock farmers also have to prepare to ensure their animals’ nutritional needs are met. When temperatures fall, the animal requires more energy.

Due to the nutritional and mineral values that drop in pastures during these cold times, it is crucial to make sure that your animal is getting enough feed, and the right feed. The reason for a supplement is to provide the animals with the requirements they need that the veld is not giving them.

To correctly grow your animals and to maintain their current weight as well as reaching the target weight, you must regularly weigh your animals with a Tal-Tec scale. This will assist you in developing a feeding and supplement plan based on facts and real needs for the winter. With Tal-Tec’s wide range of feeders for cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs it is easy for the farmer to give his/her animals the feed they need and when they need it. Tal-Tec has ring feeders with an optional fiberglass bin that goes inside the ring. You put a bale of feed inside the ring, or you can use the bin for fine chop. By using the fiberglass bin, you can add a supplement such as molasses powder to your feeding mix.

This results in less feed wastage with a higher feed intake, saving you money and improving the animals’ weight. There are also cattle and sheep self-feeders where you can put feed in at the top and they can feed from both sides. The pig self-feeder can only be accessed from one side. The lid at the top opens to insert feed. For goats there is a square bale feeder or a long 3 m goat hay rack. Let Tal-Tec help you feed your livestock this winter and prevent the animals from losing skeletal weight, reproduction ability and developing a lower immune system.

These feeders are available in the following options:

  • Cattle feeder rings – 1,4 m and 2,3 m
  • Cattle self-feeders – 1,85 m and 2,45 m
  • Sheep feeder ring – 1,4 m
  • Sheep self-feeder – 1,85 m
  • Goat hay rack – 3,0 m
  • Pig self-feeder – 1,85 m



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