Managing water sources is key to water security

Everything needs water. You do not need to be a farmer to know this. Small-scale to mega farmers, emerging farmers to seasoned growers, everyone understands that crops need water to grow, and livestock need water to drink. But the threatening reality of climate change is bringing water concerns with[...]

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Keep your borehole investment safe with Carl Hamm technology. Don’t throw money into the water

Factors in safe water abstraction installations Selecting components based purely on a pressure rating is very dangerous and you could possibly lose your equipment.  Carl Hamm considers every variable. Buying the cheapest products is often the most expensive option. Many companies offer cheap products that might end up costing[...]

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Please save our water!

The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company has called on its customers to conserve water in the wake of a substantial drop in water production from its borehole sources. Borehole water accounts for sixty percent of the water supplied by the company to Lusaka City. Interim Managing Director, Manuel Mutale,[...]

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