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ProAgri Zambia 90

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Sometimes one just wants to forget about politics and focus on the more positive things that are happening in our country. Despite all the challenges they face, one must applaud our farmers for their perseverance to keep our people well-fed despite challenges such as record-high input costs that have been increasing sharply over the years due to various factors.

The rise of input costs has been made worse by adverse weather conditions, particularly by the high rainfall we experienced in the past few months that affected farming activities, especially for grain producers. But somehow, farmers have kept going and they have remained productive, carrying on with their job of providing enough food for their country.

As I mentioned in my previous editor’s letter, one thing that growing up on a farm taught me was the true meaning of patience; when you see the results of endless days of hard work paying off. On a farm, your work is dictated by the weather and seasons, it is different every
day and never ever mundane! It is so heartwarming to read and hear all the success stories of farmers sharing their stories of the proof that patience pays off, eventually. A farmer does not give up so easily.

He, or she, will always find a way out because a farmer always makes a plan. Even though loadshedding impacts farmers negatively, they will always find a way out to continue to succeed despite all the challenges. Agriculture and food supply affect all people. The most powerful tool in any farmer’s possession is knowledge of your farm and thus there is great value in the old saying that I hear time and time again on farm visits and farmers’ days: To measure is to know. If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

In this month’s edition of ProAgri Zambia, we look at a few success stories, where measurement is evident as a key to success in the
agricultural industry. In our cover story, we look at a sweet success story, where pineapples thrive under Agrico irrigation in Eswatini. You can also read more on page 5 about John Deere Financial’s tailored solutions helping farmers to leap forward.

Some other highlights in this edition you can look out for are on page 11 where the Zambia National Farmers’ Union welcomed the announced Food Reserve Agency (FRA) price for maize at ZMK280 per 50 kg bag, and the hidden benefits of okra, the majestic vegetable!

We hope you enjoy this informative edition. Stay in touch with the ProAgri and the Agri4all team for all your latest agricultural news.

Let’s tackle the last six months of the year head on!

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