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ProAgri BNZ 46

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The real cost of progress: Over the past couple of decades, we have enjoyed plenty of benefits because of the progress made in farming. More people than ever before are now able to access sufficient food that can help them to live longer and healthier lives.

In some situations, the increasing scale of farming has resulted in production cost savings for farmers, however, there are many exceptions and volatile weather conditions are not always on the farmers side. Over the years we have seen that advances in technology have enabled farmers to achieve better yields using similar or even fewer inputs than in the past.

Advances were made in seed and animal breeding, irrigation technology, methods of tilling, planting and fertilising, so that now farmers sustainably produce more per hectare, while using fewer natural resources.

Not only is this a life lesson but it is evident in the agricultural industry as well: You have to move forward.

A Bonsmara bull sells for an astonishing world record price of R4,4 million, some farmers experience record yields, and I think a big reason for the advancement of these situations is the application of technological advancements.

Farmers must meet the changing needs of our planet and the expectations of consumers and retailers. While modern agriculture provides a large number of solutions, the outcome is not always the same because each farm is unique: different landscapes, soils, available technology and potential yields.

Farming smarter and moving food from farm to fork in a more efficient manner will benefit everyone involved in the agricultural industry. Agriculture has come a long way – and there’s much more on the horizon.

In next month’s edition of ProAgri, we shall focus on celebrating women in agriculture. If you are a lady in the agricultural industry, and you want your story to be heard, please contact me. I would love to share your story! Send me an e-mail, and I will gladly get back to you.

Stay safe, take care.

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Bianca Henning

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