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Paint your dream tractor with Valtrac

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Good news for farmers that wants another colour tractor than a green, red or blue one. You can now choose your own colour tractor to fit on your farm with Valtrac. Any colour is available. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to a world where you’re the artist of your farm’s destiny. It’s time to express yourself, embrace innovation, and kickstart a new era in farming with Valtrac.

And the more good news is you can also save R50 000. This offer is valid when you purchase a new Brazilian Valtra tractor (A and BH series).

Valtrac is popular in South Africa for their well-known A, N, T, S and BH series Valtra tractors. The A and BH series has a HiComfort cabin, 115 to 155kW cabin, 18 forward and 18 reverse gears, 170 litre per minute HiFlow 2 closed centre hydraulic system with separate oil tank.

Please note the following conditions for this offer:

  • This offer is exclusively applicable to Brazilian range tractors, specifically the Valtra A series tractors and Valtra BH tractors
  • The offer is valid solely for the purchase of new tractors and does not apply to used or previously owned tractors.

For any further details or inquiries please do not hesitate to contact Valtrac at



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