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Improve water use efficiency with Manna Irrigation

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Agriculture is facing a scenario defined by drought, flooding and increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather phenomena. The global irrigation intelligence leader, Manna Irrigation helps farmers in the 21st millennium to overcome all the challenges and manage profitable crop production with satellite technology.

Hovav Lapidot, CEO of Manna Irrigation explains: “Farmers are facing numerous daily challenges: Labour shortages, unpredictable climate shifts, fluctuating produce prices and limited water resources.”

Hovav Lapidot, CEO of Manna Irrigation

He adds: “It is becoming even more challenging to irrigate effectively with global resource scarcity. Our goal is to alleviate at least one concern from the grower’s mind: How much and when to irrigate their fields, whilst achieving more sustainable production and profitability.”

Manna provides an affordable intuitive cloud-based software solution that offers comprehensive field insights and irrigation recommendations, empowering farmers to optimise yield, quality, energy, and water usage.

Satellites continuously monitor every pixel of the field, Manna’s unique algorithms process this data along with meteorological data and additional agronomic factors to determine the actual evapotranspiration of the crop providing a two-week irrigation forecast – how much and how often to apply water.

In addition, farmers get integrated view of the entire field rather than readings from a single location.

Why should farmers choose Manna?

  • Farmers using Manna will optimize water use resulting in more efficient use of energy.
  • The satellite technology provides whole field monitoring and is scalable over multiple fields or even in different regions.
  • Manna’s unique and proprietary irrigation scheduling and crop monitoring technology results in higher water use efficiency, meaning more crop per drop.
  • These efficiencies combined with the mobile access anytime needed, will save growers time to focus on other demanding crop management activities.

Gilbert Somers of farm Twisniet from Havenga adds: “For years I have been using multi-depth sensor services, however, these are operationally demanding. Last season, I was introduced to Manna Irrigation. I was very impressed with their unique way of calculating plant water needs combined with the crop monitoring features that provides insight into irrigation uniformity. I am now moving my irrigation decisions solely to the Manna platform.

What information farmers get?

Actionable irrigation recommendations

Precise and daily recommendations for optimal irrigation

High-resolution, high-frequency crop monitoring

Farmers gain visibility into crop health, enabling them prompt issue identification to prevent yield loss. Manna offers a wide range of crop monitoring maps, including Etc (plant vigor), nitrogen, vegetation, and plant wetness.

User-friendly dashboard view

Manna is accessible through mobile devices, it’s easy to use and easy to scale. Manna enables collaboration and decision-making for all stakeholders within the operation, as well as monitoring of large corporations with multiple fields.

Farmers can also receive alerts and recommendations directly through WhatsApp or SMS messages without logging in to the App at all.

Manna service is available worldwide. Their headquarters are in Israel, and they operate globally. In Africa they are represented by certified Manna distributors, namely Sub Sahara Seeds and iLeaf.

For more information on how much water your fields need, visit the website at: or the Facebook page:


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