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BSi Steel explains the danger of using low quality steel

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Using high quality steel when building steel structures not only ensures the longevity of your structure, it also ensures your safety. For BSi Steel, it is important that clients understand this impact, especially if keeping costs low is a priority.

“The first thing clients need to understand is that the lifespan of the product is shortened if low quality steel is used,” says Gary Hodgkinson, Senior Trader in Lusaka.

“It also causes safety hazards, especially if the under gauging is used for structural steel. Cheap ends up being expensive.” Gary explains that structural steel has the highest risk. For example, low grade reinforcing bar used in two- or three-story buildings. The reinforcing bar ordered is 12 mm, but the contractor supplies a 10 or 11mm diameter reinforcing bar. The invoice will show 12mm and to the naked eye, you cannot tell the difference.

The result can be a collapsed building and loss of life. “It is more prolific with flat sheet products,” he adds. “Some manufacturers are essentially profiteering off of the backs of hard-working customers. So, how do you know if the steel you purchased is high or low quality? That is difficult to determine.

“Sometimes it is easy. For instance, round tubing has a split seam, or the welding creates holes because the gauge is too thin. The best way to ensure you receive high quality steel is to ask for the material test certificates.”

When looking for high quality steel products, customers can:

  • Measure the steel using a digital micrometer. Tubing and flat sheet are almost always under gauged.
  • Ask for Test Certificates.
  • Purchase from reputable companies that provide official Tax Invoices. If they can’t, this is the first red flag. BSi Steel ensures products are of the highest quality by purchasing from the best steel mills. “We have Test Certificates for all our material,” Gary highlights.

“Our brand is also known for high quality material and excellent customer service.”

“Furthermore, we make sure that the material ordered is from the correct supplier and we measure it to determine its legitimacy. We conduct spot-checks on our material for any damages.







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