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Willard Batteries’ limited-edition range: A testament to social responsibility

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Willard Batteries, a leading name in the automotive aftermarket, has long been synonymous with innovation and social responsibility. In a proud tradition of pushing boundaries, Willard Batteries has, over several years, unveiled a series of limited-edition batteries, each crafted with a purpose beyond mere functionality.

The journey of limited-edition batteries began with the Pink battery, a symbol of solidarity with Breast Cancer Awareness. Partnering with the esteemed PinkDrive foundation, Willard Batteries aimed to raise awareness and support for those affected by breast cancer. This inaugural effort set the stage for a series of impactful initiatives blending innovation with social consciousness.

Following the success of the Pink battery, Willard Batteries introduced the Rhino battery, uniquely camo-coloured and engineered to withstand the rugged conditions faced by game rangers protecting South Africa’s precious rhinoceros population. This endeavour not only provided essential support to conservation efforts but also showcased Willard Batteries’ commitment to environmental stewardship.

The Red battery, created in collaboration with the South African National Blood Service (SANBS), championed the noble cause of blood donation. By emphasising the importance of donating blood, Willard Batteries encouraged communities to come together in support of lifesaving initiatives.

The Willard BLUE Battery range, served as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to address plastic pollution in our oceans. By encouraging the recycling of plastic waste, Willard Batteries extended its legacy of environmental responsibility, with 98% of scrap lead-acid batteries already being recoverable through their recycling efforts.

Following this, the Willard DREAM Battery range was developed in partnership with Reach for a Dream. Inspired by a commitment to community support and social progress, this range embodied Willard Batteries’ dedication to making dreams a reality for children with debilitating illnesses.

Corne Strydom, spokesperson for Willard Batteries, emphasised the brand’s holistic approach to business, stating, “In today’s world, consumers seek more than just products – they seek purpose. Our commitment to community support and meaningful projects reflects our dedication to creating a better world for all.”

As Willard Batteries continues to innovate and inspire, its limited-edition battery range stands as a testament to the power of purpose-driven initiatives in shaping a brighter future.


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