Irrigation with LEPA/ LESA Sprinklers proved beneficial during dry season in South Africa

Mr. Danie Erasmus grows pasture crops for his cattle at Winkelhaak Boerdery, a dairy farming operation in Tsitsikamma, South Africa. Like many farmers today, he has faced the challenges of unpredictable weather and extended dry seasons.   Danie’s concerns with the dry and windy conditions during the 2020 season[...]

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Irrigation made easy – Part 12: Types of sprinklers- Rotary impact sprinkler

The rotary impact sprinkler is the most common form of sprinkler. At least 90% of all sprinkler systems use rotary impact sprinklers. These sprinklers are equipped with one, two or even three nozzles. Each nozzle contributes to the final distribution pattern of water delivered by the sprinkler. Sprinklers are[...]

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