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Crop production in Namibia part 8: Irrigation methods, frequency and quantities

(Image source: pexels.com by Glenn Carstens-Peters) Irrigation methods There is no one-size-fits-all method of irrigating fields that differ in soil, crop size, or crop types. Any location's best system is the one that can provide appropriate irrigation without water wastage, is easy for the farmer to comprehend and put[...]

Irrigation made easy Part 14: Types of sprinkler irrigation systems

Portable systems (with or without fixed, buried mainline) Both the lateral and mainline are assembled from portable quick-couple pipes. Sprinklers are mounted on the portable lateral pipes (Figure 1). Pipes are uncoupled and moved by hand between each set (Figure 2). This type of system is extremely labour intensive.[...]

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Irrigation made easy – Part 11: Sprinkler irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation is the most common form of mechanised irrigation. Water is normally supplied to the sprinkler under pressure. The term "sprinkler" includes a wide variety of spray systems, from small orifice sprayers to large high-pressure rain-guns. When discussing agricultural irrigation in this article, "sprinkler" refers only to small[...]

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