Husqvarna: The Basic Necessities – choosing the right equipment for your small farm

Five tips for choosing the right equipment for your small farm To run a successful farm, equipment is a basic necessity. Choosing the right tools for your small farm will help you get more done on your property; make daily tasks easier on yourself and your farmhands, whilst also[...]

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Amazone UX 01 Super Trailed Sprayer: Cost effective, robust, reliable

Pests and weeds wait for no-one, and time for spraying pesticides and herbicides is restricted by weather conditions. Therefore, the farmer must be prepared and equipped to protect his crops as best and as quickly as possible. For this reason, wise farmers use the Amazone UX 01 Super Trailed[...]

By Specialist Writer|2nd November 2021|Categories: Articles, Mechanisation|Tags: , , |

Amazone UX 11201: a beast amongst sprayers – Biggest crop sprayer on the African continent

A source of frustration for all crop farmers is the short window periods during which crop spraying is possible. Whenever pests occur, the farmer should spray his crops as quickly as possible to prevent extensive damage, and to beat weather conditions during which spraying is impossible. Therefore, a bigger[...]

By Specialist Writer|8th September 2021|Categories: Articles, Mechanisation|Tags: , |
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