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JUPIDEX Agricultural Implements: Innovating farming practices for a sustainable future

JUPIDEX is the supplier of world-class agricultural equipment and spare parts with exceptional service to the African market. Their vision is to be recognised as the preferred supplier of top quality and affordable agricultural equipment to the African market. This vision ties in with their mission where they aim[...]

Rotary tillers are simple but effective Part 9: Operating tips, troubleshooting and rotary versus conventional tillage

 Operating tips Get the most out of your rotary tiller and ensure your own safety by follow­ing the following operating tips: Do not leave the tractor’s seat while the engine is still running.Shut the engine off before lubricating, inspecting, or adjusting the cultivator.Do not allow anybody near the tiller[...]

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Rotary tillers are simple but effective Part 8: This is how you get the best results

Preparation and maintenance, field operation and adjustments, rotor care and pasture renovation: When used correctly, your rotary tiller can give you years of excellent service. Preparation and maintenance The life of a rotary tiller depends on the care provided in operation, servicing, and maintenance. Time spent to prepare and[...]

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Rotary tillers are simple but effective Part 7: Seed drills and planters, tractor preparation and the PTO-shaft

Seed drills and planters Seed drills can be attached to certain models of rotary tillers so that primary seedbed preparation and the plant­ing process can be completed in one operation. Sometimes the land must be tilled once with the rotary tiller before planting. Small grain is planted in this[...]

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Rotary tillers are simple but effective – Part 6: Location of the drive, power requirements and principles of rotary tillage

Location of the drive The rotor may be driven from the one end, both ends, or from the centre. Driving the rotor from the centre reduces the total number of drivesystem components. Power is transmitted from the PTOshaft, through the gearbox, to the rotor. However, driving from the centre[...]

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