Moringa in Southern Africa part 2: The cultivation process

Moringa is a resilient crop that can survive in the often harsh and unpredictable climate of Southern Africa because of its drought resistance. Farmers, who may have trouble growing other crops due to the harsh climate, may find this to be an ideal crop. Environmental factors When it comes[...]

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Meet the miracle tree: Production, cultivation, and consumption of moringa in Southern Africa

Both animals and humans can benefit from eating moringa (Moringa oleifera). Due to the plant’s high nutrient content, this "miracle tree" is useful in the fight against malnutrition, and its resistance to drought makes it possible to make better use of semi-arid areas. To combat poverty and malnutrition, developing[...]

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Moringa in Zimbabwe: The perfect vitamin for you and your livestock

All the vitamins needed for yourself or feed for your livestock to stay healthy, are supplied by the Moringa plant. Moringa oleifera is a fastgrowing, drought-resistant tree of the family Moringaceae. It is also called the drumstick tree. Moringa is native to areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan[...]

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Moringa Cooperative transforming lives of farmers in Blouberg Municipality

Sixty farmers from the Blouberg municipality in Limpopo are set to benefit from the Moringa Cooperative project aimed at creating jobs, alleviating poverty and contributing towards the socio-economic development of the local communities within the province. The project has been made possible through a strategic collaborative partnership involving the[...]

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