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Agrico Zambia supporting local farmers as they learn and grow

Guru Singh from Morning Site Farm, outside Chisamba, Zambia, started farming 15 years ago. Back then, he knew little to nothing about farming. “It was not a family farm. Now, I am making it one. I have introduced my grandson to the business and hopefully he is going to[...]

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Versatile Reinke centre pivots spray more than artificial rain

They excel at more than just making artificial rain efficiently, is what the Reinke centre pivot irrigators prove to Mark Thiele of Paulpietersburg. Mark farms with 1 150 pig sows and plants mealies, barley and soybeans to utilise as fodder. In winter he also plants commercial wheat for marketing.[...]

By Specialist Writer|23rd December 2019|Categories: Articles, Crop production, Irrigation|Tags: , |
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