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Blue Swallow Catering: It is rare to have a steak plate like this!

"At Blue Swallow, we take pride in providing personalised service and catering to the unique needs of our customers. We are grateful to our diverse client base for inspiring us to continually innovate and develop purpose-driven products." These are the words of Blue Swallow Catering owner, Erhard Brandt. His[...]

Every braai is a breeze with the Braai Butler | Blue Swallow Catering

Blue Swallow has recently launched a product called the Braai Butler. This little, adjustable braai grid is small enough to wedge in anywhere when traveling but can still hold a kilogram of boerewors or four braaibroodjies. When purchasing this braai grid, you also receive a display bowl with a[...]

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Durable and elegant – Blue Swallow Catering brings unbreakable tableware solutions

Samantha Nothnagel, branch manager at Blue Swallow Catering in Centurion, tells us more about Blue Swallow Catering and what they have to offer. This company produces dinner plates, side plates, bowls, cereal bowls, tumblers, wine glasses, trays, cutlery, and design tableware that is made from a special material called[...]

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It’s functional, it’s affordable, it’s Blue Swallow Catering

Whether you are an avid camper who enjoys a braai, or if you own a catering company, or simply appreciate quality tableware that does not easily break or perish, Blue Swallow Catering has the product of your dreams. This company has proven its worth as it was already established[...]

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