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ProAgri Zambia 93

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I am delighted to welcome you to the latest edition of ProAgri Zambia – your trusted source for the latest developments and innovations in the field of agriculture in our great nation. As we enter a new season, it is essential to reflect on the vital role that agriculture plays in our lives, from providing sustenance to fostering economic growth.

In this issue, we explore the challenges and opportunities facing Zambian farmers in the wake of evolving weather patterns. Climate change continues to impact our agricultural landscape, and our dedicated farmers are embracing sustainable practices to adapt to these shifts. You will find insightful articles  on climate-smart agriculture and how it transforms the way we farm. We also delve into the advancements in technology and mechanisation that are revolutionising the agricultural sector in Zambia. From precision farming
to innovative crop protection methods, these developments help our farmers to increase productivity and reduce the environmental impact.

In our cover story, we feature the benefits of FAW trucks in the business and operations of Rubtrans Logistics. As always, we provide you with expert advice on crop management, livestock care, and market trends. Our goal is to empower every farmer, whether he has acres of land or a small backyard garden, with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

This magazine is a testament to the dedication of Zambian farmers, and we thank them for their hard work in feeding our nation and contributing to its prosperity. We hope this issue inspires you, provides practical insights, and keeps you informed about the agricultural landscape in Zambia. We are committed to being your most trusted source of information, and we look forward to continuing this journey of growth and learning with you.

Wishing you a successful and bountiful season ahead.

ProAgri greetings

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