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Pioneer’s® LumiGEN™ seed treatments hit South African soil

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New solution designed, verified and proven to work with company’s industry-leading genetics

Following the opening of Corteva Agriscience’s Centre for Seed Applied Technologies (CSAT) laboratory in Rosslyn, Gauteng, farmers can now reap the benefits of LumiGEN™ seed treatments, no matter what Pioneer® brand hybrids or varieties they plant. Treated seeds have active substances, such as an insecticide or fungicide, applied directly to them, providing effective protection against insects and disease during the initial phases of growth.

“LumiGEN™ will give South African farmers a higher level of confidence when it comes to their seed treatment options, offering targeted solutions that are applied directly to the seed, precisely where and when they are needed. Not only is this the quickest way to reach and control threats to crop health and yield, but because products are active in the root zone, exposure to farmers, beneficial insects and the environment is significantly limited. This promotes ongoing sustainable agriculture, which will further assist us in building responsible and resilient food systems,” says Jaco Snyman, Sales Manager for Pioneer®.

All seed treatment combinations are carefully assessed at Corteva Agriscience’s CSAT, undergoing a rigorous research process that focuses on specific aspects such as agronomy, safety and stewardship, with the ultimate goal of minimising inputs while maximising productivity.

Jaco adds: “LumiGEN™ seed treatments capitalise on over 100 years of crop protection know-how and understanding of what growers need and how they farm. Through our Field Test Network, our treated seed is expertly evaluated by growers, going into the soil using real planters, under real conditions. Ultimately, farmers choose seed treatment packages to help assure a successful season, but in turn they should feel assured that those seed treatments perform as expected, and will work well with the genetics being planted.”

Farmers looking for best-in-class protection that optimises the elite genetic potential of the Pioneer® brand seed, should check with their local advisers regarding availability, or visit the Pioneer® website or more information.

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