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Majestic, magnificent, masculine: Mahindra Scorpio-N

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From tar roads to muddy fields, this vehicle is ready to take on any terrain.

Imagine this: dirt roads, rocks flying, dust clouds … and the powerful roar of a Mahindra engine echoing through it all. This can be your reality if you choose Mahindra. No road is too much of a challenge for this mighty vehicle. During a recent visit to Botswana, ProAgri put this vehicle to the test. We are privileged enough to be sponsored by Mahindra, which allows us to go visit anyone, anywhere, without any concerns about the condition of the road.

Despite driving on the off-road, it felt like highway all the way with the smooth luxury ride. From cruising around on muddy and uneven farms to the hilly paths next to the Crocodile River, the Mahindra made every obstacle feel like just a tiny bump in the road. We drove this vehicle on every terrain imaginable: highways, farm roads, muddy roads, dusty roads, uphill, downhill, over rocks, through puddles … everything except snow! Arriving on the other side, we felt well-rested and positive, despite the long journey. The comfortable and luxurious leather interior, display screen, Bluetooth and sunroof made this feel like our home away from home.

The long journey has never felt as stress-free as when it is taken on with this vehicle. Botswana reaches incredibly high temperatures of up to 40 degrees. Luckily, we didn’t even break a sweat with the powerful aircon blasting on us. Those sitting in the back seats aren’t missing out on fresh, cool air either, as they have their own aircon which they can adjust as desired. Even with three people, multiple suitcases, and camera equipment, we had more than enough space in the vehicle for all of our baggage. With room to spare, we could still fit in a few more passengers, if that was our need.

The Mahindra has enough seating for seven people. Fuel consumption on this vehicle is like something from a dream. Driving all the way from Pretoria to Machaneng in Botswana, about another hour on the farm, plus a few added stops, we only had to fill the tank twice. Should you find yourself on a long, monotonous road, without much to look at, simply stop your car, get out and look at the vehicle – that is a nice enough view! This vehicle is not only top-quality inside, but outside as well.

From tar roads to muddy fields, this
vehicle is ready to take on any terrain.

The robust wheels, masculine exterior and shiny appearance looks beautiful, especially when basking in the rays of the sunset. Even when covered in dust and dirt, it can’t take away from the splendour and majesty of the Mahindra.

Contact information If you too want to drive around in the vehicle of your dreams, contact Mahindra Alberton at, on (+27)87-803-1108 (vehicle sales) or (+27)87-803-1777 (parts and services booking). You can also visit their website at


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