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Award-winning, world class MacDon R1 FR series: Mow like a winner!

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Farmers know they can always rely on MacDon implements, which are backed by 75 years of experience, innovation, technology, improvement, and dedication to quality that make the farmer’s work easy and productive.

MacDon’s dedicated people embrace all challenges, and that is why MacDon is recognised as the leader in harvesting equipment worldwide.

Introducing the R1 FR series front mount rotary disc mower

The R1 FR series produces neatly formed and conditioned windrows using the widest conditioning rollers in the industry along with a full-width baffle and adjustable forming shields. This implement produces exceptional output with minimal tractor power.

To enhance efficiency, you can combine the R1 FR with the R1 Pull-Type. This powerful pair increases your capacity to an impressive 32 feet of cutting width.

The R1 FR is the perfect choice for operations with a 16-foot cutting width. It streamlines your raking and merging logistics by aligning windrow spacing on border and pivot tracks, reducing passes, time, and fuel costs.

Somehow MacDon has achieved the impossible: all this with even lower fuel consumption! Achieving greater efficiency with minimal power, the R1 FR models only need for the version and for the model. The reduced power demand results in lower fuel consumption.

The three-point hitch on MacDon’s Front Mount Rotary Disc unit is compatible with category 2, 3, and 3N tractors. The cutting disc operates at 2 652 rpm at 1 000 PTO speed. To make is even easier for you, a PTO completion package will be installed by your MacDon dealer.

The MacDon R1 FR series mower produces neat, clean-cut rows.

PTO options include:

  • 35 mm diameter 21-tooth PTO
  • 35 mm diameter 6-tooth PTO
  • 44,5 mm diameter 20-tooth PTO

A clean cut is a sure thing with the R1 FR series. The R1 FR has a Responsive Float System, which allows the unit to adjust “up and back” when it meets bumps in the field. This means true ground-following. MacDon’s front-mounted cutting discs are designed with a low profile, offering a flat header angle that delivers a consistent and precise cut. With MacDon’s 3-year cutterbar warranty, you can harvest with confidence, knowing that your equipment is backed by reliable performance and support.

The R1 FR Series ensures well-formed, well-conditioned windrows using the industry’s widest conditioning rollers, measuring 328 cm, equipped with Steel Intermeshing rollers to effectively handle various crop dry-down requirements. These Steel Intermeshing rollers are ideal for stiff or solid plant stems, promoting even plant dry down and requiring minimal maintenance.

Moreover, each disc spindle on the R1 FR Series cutterbar features an overload protection system with shear pins designed to shear upon contact with large objects in the field. This mechanism reduces the risk of severe damage to the cutterbar by moving the disc up and out of the way, allowing operators to replace shear pins quickly and resume mowing.

This mower is designed to make the farmer’s work as easy as possible.

For windrow formation, the R1 FR comes equipped with a full-width baffle mounted to the conditioner, and adjustable forming shields that can be set to a narrow 1,5 m opening. This configuration enables the R1 FR to lay down well-formed, customised windrows tailored to your specific requirements.

The road-friendly transport option, available for both models, converts the R1 into a road-friendly 2,75 m wide transport configuration. This transformation allows for quick and safe travel to, from, and between fields, with the ability to switch from field to transport mode in only 30 seconds. For operations where transport width restrictions are no concern, transitioning from a 3 m to a 4,9 m mower can significantly increase productivity by up to 60%. This feature won the 2016 AE50 Outstanding Innovation Award!

The MacDon mower, conditioner, windrower is any farmer’s dream.

If this is the mower for you, visit the MacDon website at for more information.

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