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Yara, a leader in plant nutrition, tailor-made for the Zambian farmer

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Crop farming and food security surely depend on the modern and head-turning Yara fertilizer plant in Norway, in the city Porsgrunn.

Written by Chrisna Heuer, Yara Marketing Manager for Southern Africa

The President of the British Royal Academy, Sir William Crookes, warned that a lack of food security could pose a danger to England and other prosperous nations in the foreseeable future. His prediction in 1898 sent shockwaves through the science community. Admittedly, food shortages did not become a large-scale reality then; however, a few years later it started negatively affecting certain European countries.

In 1905, seven years after Crookes’ warning, two Norwegians set up the company Norsk Hydro to help combat the looming famine in Europe. Norsk Hydro developed into the world famous Yara.

Today, Yara has a worldwide presence with about 17 000 employees and operations in over 60 countries, supporting their facilities in 160 countries. Yara grows knowledge to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet, to fulfil its vision of a collaborative society, a world without hunger and a planet respected, still in line with the original reason for its origin, but in a much more responsible way.

To meet these commitments, Yara has taken the lead and works closely with partners throughout the whole food value chain to develop more climate-friendly crop nutrition solutions. Yara offers the market’s most complete portfolio of mineral fertilizers and solutions for sustainable agriculture – covering all necessary nutrients for most crops. Yara’s knowledge, products and solutions grow farmers’, distributors’ and industrial customers’ businesses profitably and responsibly, while protecting the environment.

Yara is the reason why African crop farmers are still eager to stay in the game, find Yara products at a
retailer near you

As Africa’s leading crop nutrition company, Yara provides millions of farmers across Africa with knowledge and best practices to sustainably improve crop yields, standards and increase farmers’ profits. Yara produces quality fertilizers available where and when they are needed by African farmers.

To deliver crop nutrition solutions and improve farmer livelihoods, Yara works in partnership with hundreds of local farmers’ organisations, community groups and non-governmental organisations.

In Southern Africa, Yara has a strong presence and focus in South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana and Namibia. Yara Fertilizer Zambia Limited representing Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi has developed crop-specific nutrition concepts tailored to local conditions and farmers’ needs. Employing expertise in precision farming, Yara delivers knowledge and solutions to improve agricultural productivity and farming profitability.

Through continued investment in research and development activities, Yara delivers improvements in process technology, crop nutrition strategies and environmental solutions. In collaboration with partners and customers, farmer-centric solutions are provided that optimise yields and agricultural quality, while minimising the use of resources like water and nutrients. Safety, HESQ and quality are synonymous with Yara and are seen as our licence to operate. Zambian farmers have specific needs for their crops, and Yara has been working together with local farmers to create a product that will provide them with all the necessary minerals that their crops need.

From this collaboration, the MiCrop range of products is Yara’s commitment to support Zambian farmers to have a successful harvest, by providing quality products at an accessible price. The newly launched MiCrop D supports the same smallholder farmer, now with planting fertilizer, containing zinc that not only makes plants green and healthy, but is also important for early root growth and development.

New MiCrop D planting fertilizer also contains sulphur that improves yields and quality of produce, helps plants to resist diseases and to make their own food. MiCrop Top, Yara’s top dressing fertilizer has been developed with the Zambian smallholder farmer in mind, considering the typical soil conditions in Zambia, as well as the micronutrient deficiencies of crops in Zambia. Yara’s vision and mission to feed the world and protect the planet is a company culture lived by the employees, every day.

Yara’s high performing products are available at retail stores across the country and near you. For more information, contact the team in Lusaka at


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