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Trademore Feeds: For your farming needs

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“At Trademore Feeds, we believe in fostering a seamless partnership with our clients and suppliers. Whether big or small, we view them as valuable allies in our business endeavours. Our success lies in their prosperity, and together, we forge a path of growth and resilience.”

This founding principle has guided Trademore since its establishment in 1997. They place mutual trust and respect at the core of their operations. Trademore recognize the critical importance of consistency, reliability, and quality in supplying raw animal feed to feedlots, feed factories and the farming industry.

They remain steadfastly committed to their original business philosophy. Trademore’s roots have firmly taken hold, propelling them toward a bright future where every transaction is mutually beneficial, benefiting both suppliers and clients.

The founding members of Trademore Feeds bring to the table a wealth of expertise, each boasting over a decade of experience in servicing the industry and fostering trust and reliability. In their team, they have specialists in molasses, oil cakes, proteins, grains, finance, and logistics. Together, their collective efforts have propelled Trademore Feeds to remarkable heights.

Their infrastructure at Trademore Feeds is highly efficient, enabling them to promptly collect and deliver raw animal feed, both locally and cross border. Strategically located near Southern Africa’s major land and seaports, they ensure accessibility and seamless logistics.

They want to be your dependable source for all your animal feed requirements and take pride in upholding their commitments and delivering on their promises.

Their product range:

  • Cotton hulls
  • Cotton seed
  • Sunflower husk
  • Soya oil cake
  • Molasses blends in bulk
  • Maize bran/hominy chop
  • Cotton oil cake (high and low protein)
  • Sunflower oil cake (high and low protein)
  • Soya hulls
  • Wheaten bran
  • Poultry meal

Contact Angela Duvenage at (+27)84-218-6345 or send an e-mail to to make them your partners in success.


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