Transplant hardened tobacco seedlings successfully

The first of September is the earliest date on which tobacco farmers can legally start transplanting their carefully cultivated seedlings to the fields. This is a critical time due to the fact hat the seedlings can die if the correct practices are not followed to ensure that they are[...]

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Tobacco farmers reap benefits with RITCO

Tobacco is one of the most important agricultural commodities in Zambia. The tobacco industry contributes hundreds of millions of Kwacha in excise duty and VAT to the government per year. The cigarette market is as a result intrinsically linked to the country’s economic performance. Production reached a peak of[...]

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Zimbabwe’s tobacco farming calendar: Here’s what you need to know

Farming is a seasonal business. The activities of farmers are governed by the weather, seasonal rain, and average day temperatures. But in tobacco farming, legislation also affects the farmer’s activities. According to law, certain tasks have to be completed by certain dates, and failure to do so may be[...]

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