Qualibasic Seeds: Improved seed quality leads to increased productivity

Food security in Africa demands the availability of high-quality seeds to achieve high crop productivity. However, this has remained a pipe-dream within Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) despite the region having huge potential to maximise its agricultural productivity. As a result, farmers experience a shortage of high-quality seeds during planting season,[...]

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Good news for seed companies and farmers in Africa: QBS offers a sustainable supply of foundation seed

by George Achia The seed industry in Africa is one of the pillars upon which improved agricultural productivity for the continent must rest in order for farmers to increase production. However, smallholder farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) suffer low crop yields and sometimes crop failure due to the use[...]

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Quality certified seed is critical in improving agricultural productivity in Africa

To enhance agricultural productivity, improve food security and raise domestic economic activity among smallholder farmers within the continent that is dependent on agriculture for economic mainstay, there is need to use improved, quality certified seeds to increase yields for farmers. Quality certified seed is critical to enable farmers to[...]

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Pioneer offers something for everyone

Drones help Pioneer farmers to estimate yields Precision farming has become even more precise with Pioneer using drones to help farmers add more value to their products. “We began using drones this season and they provide us with many advantages in various aspect,” says De Bruyn Myburgh, Pioneer’s Agriculturalist[...]

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