Erosion control in Malawi part 5: How to deal with flat, bare areas

Erosion is caused when a lot of water runs over bare soil. Soil usually becomes bare because of overgrazing, which is caused when a farmer keeps more livestock than the land can support. If the farmer has no other land where the animals can graze, the vegetation doesn’t get[...]

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Erosion control in Malawi Part 4: How to deal with steep slopes

Prevention is always better than cure. This is particularly true about soil erosion, where the slowing down of runoff water on a steep slope can prevent the formation of gullies and deep head-cuts. Figure 1: The manufacture of grass fence sections: 1 – Making the frame and 2 –[...]

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Erosion control in Malawi: Part 1

While more and more production is demanded from farmers, soil erosion is frittering away arable land.  Ken Coetzee and Wallie Stroebel of the South African company Conserva­tion Management Services went to Mzuzu in Malawi to train the people living near the town how to fight erosion. They were invited[...]

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