Manage labour to enable profitability and sustainability

Employers have to manage business risks on a daily basis to safeguard the undertaking’s profitability and sustainability. Intimidating labour regulations is one of the most problematic factors for business owners in South Africa. It is presently a modern tendency amongst business owners to contract out non-essential activities, such as[...]

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Pursue your employer rights in terms of labour legislation

Labour legislation lays down stringent requirements which employers have to comply with. However, employers feel many times that they drew the shortest match, but they have to realise that they also have many rights in the workplace. Simultaneously they have a responsibility to stick to their rights. Employers are[...]

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Restructuring: Advantageous for employer and employee?

By Christo Bester of the LWO (Agricultural Employers’ Organisation) A business concern is run in a challenging environment where the economy and other external factors leave a business with few options to remain competitive and viable in the labour environment. Options fluctuate from reorganisation to restructuring, and even staff[...]

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Evaluate labour for bonus payments or salary increases

by Christo Bester A general misconception in the workplace is that employees are entitled to annual bonuses and salary increases. In fact, an employee can only demand such a bonus if it is prescribed as such by means of a Sectoral Determination or a Bargaining Council Agreement applicable to[...]

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How to deal with employees sleeping on duty

by Christo Bester, LWO Employers Organisation Employees who sleep on duty is an annoying problem for any employer. Fatigue can influence an employee’s coordination and reaction speed and in the end influence the productivity of the whole undertaking negatively. By sleeping on duty an employee exposes him-/herself, co-workers, as[...]

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