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Riken revolutionising water management with the PV580 solar pump inverter

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Harnessing the power of the sun to efficiently pump water, the PV580 solar pump inverter offers a comprehensive solution for various water pumping applications. From agricultural irrigation to rural water supply projects, this variable speed drive integrates advanced technology with environmental sustainability to revolutionise water management.

The PV580 solar pump inverter boasts several key features which makes it perfect for a variety of applications across a wide range of industries.

Solar-Powered Operation: Utilising renewable energy from the sun, the PV580 reduces reliance on grid electricity for water pumping, thus promoting environmental sustainability.

Variable Speed Control: By adjusting motor speed according to water demand, the PV580 optimises pump performance, improving efficiency and extending equipment lifespan.

MPPT Technology: The Maximum Power Point Tracking technology ensures that the pump operates at peak efficiency under varying sunlight conditions, maximising solar energy utilisation.

Soft Start/Stop: With smooth start and stop functions, the PV580 minimises mechanical stress on the pump and motor, consequently reducing maintenance requirements and downtime.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Pump performance and system parameters can be monitored remotely and switched remotely.

Weatherproof Design: Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the PV580 is IP65-rated for dust and water resistance, ensuring reliable operation in challenging outdoor environments.

Owning a Riken PV580 solar pump inverter can be a long term investment for your company. With a wide range of benefits you can be sure that the PV580 technology will assist your business in running smoothly.

Energy Efficiency: By harnessing solar power, the PV580 reduces operating costs and carbon footprint associated with water pumping, promoting environmental conservation.

Reliable Operation: Advanced control algorithms and built-in protections ensure stable pump performance, even in remote or challenging environments, enhancing reliability.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Simple setup and user-friendly interface make installation and operation hassle-free, while modular design allows for easy maintenance and upgrades.

Scalability: From small-scale agricultural irrigation to large-scale water supply projects, the PV580 can be tailored to meet a wide range of application requirements, offering scalability.

Environmental Sustainability: By utilising clean, renewable energy for water pumping, the PV580 contributes to environmental sustainability and supports sustainable development goals.

In theory this PV580 sounds almost too good to be true, but it has been tried and trusted in day-to-day operations and several case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of the PV580 solar pump inverter in various sectors.

Agricultural Irrigation: Increased crop yields and water efficiency have been achieved through solar-powered irrigation systems using the PV580.

Rural Water Supply: Improved access to clean water in remote communities has been facilitated by solar-powered water pumping solutions employing the PV580.

Eco-Tourism: Enhanced sustainability and off-grid operations for eco-lodges and resorts have been realised with solar pump systems powered by the PV580.

When it comes to the PV580 solar pump inverter there are no problems only solutions. Where other pumps may lack the PV580 solar pump inverter is the solution to your problems.

The PV580 Solar Pump Inverter addresses key challenges in water pumping systems.


  • Reliance on grid electricity.
  • High operating costs and carbon emissions.
  • Limited access to reliable power infrastructure.
  • Inefficient conventional pumps leading to energy wastage.
  • Pump equipment replacement to incorporate renewable energy.


  • PV580 Solar Pump Inverter harnesses solar energy for sustainable and cost-effective water pumping.
  • Advanced features optimize pump performance and ensure reliable operation.
  • Weatherproof design and remote monitoring capability enhance resilience in challenging environments.
  • Scalable and sustainable solution for diverse water pumping applications.
  • Addition to existing infrastr

Visit the Riken Electrical website to learn more about the solutions they have for your business.

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