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The future of agriculture in Africa

The emerging farmer is the future of agriculture in Africa. This is evident due to the fact that emerging and small-scale farmers represent the largest segment in the African agricultural industry. We recently attended the Agritech expo in Zambia, and it was evident to me that the young people have a passion for agriculture, and an entrepreneurial spirit that drives them.

Like any other business, they have to start with the capital and resources that they have available, but their aspirations are to employ more people, produce more agricultural products, and make more profit. The challenges that they face are access to resources such as business loans, and secondly, the knowledge and expertise required to farm on a more commercial level.

Over the past two decades, commercial agriculture evolved to become more precise and more scientific than ever before. Anyone who wants to farm on a commercial scale needs to understand this and have the knowledge and support to be able to compete.

The good news is that there is an increasing awareness of the emerging farmer segment among the large agricultural corporations. Companies are reaching out in various ways.

Running a successful farm requires that many facets of the farm work together like a well-oiled machine, and when that happens it is one great pleasure. On most farms the farmer is the owner and key manager in the business; along with this, he fulfils the role of a scientist, human resources manager, legal expert, marketer, trainer, botanist and zoologist, veterinarian, researcher, and many more.

Over the past decade, the agricultural sector has changed a lot, and the complexity of farming business has increased tremendously. You cannot just claim all the different titles; you have to hold a candle to the best experts in each department.

The ProAgri team’s aim and goal is to be the link between the farmer and the experts.

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