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Does farming make you happy?

Considering the serious business of farming, the question, ‘does farming make you happy?’ may seem silly and perhaps superfluous.

The past few weeks I have been to various agricultural shows, farmers’ days and information sessions, and then comes a highlight of the year: we are on our way to NAMPO! NAMPO Harvest Day is one of the biggest agricultural exhibitions under private ownership in the southern hemisphere.

I spoke to young farmers at these days and during farm visits, where I hear so many of them say: “Farming is my passion, farming makes me happy.” And again, I realise: If you have a passion for
something, you will be successful. Some farmers tell me: “I do not see myself doing anything else than farming. It became our way of life. I prefer living on the farm with my family, and it is peaceful.
When farming becomes a way of life, then in my opinion life is contented.

I have met hundreds of farmers over the years, and what has stood out is the correlation between success and a positive outlook. Optimistic, happy farmers are successful farmers, and for them happiness and success are never measured in terms of material gain alone. It is rather the product of an ciation for the type and quality of life that farming offers.

According to the Career Explorer, Farmers rate their happiness above average. As we enter the fifth month of the new year, and some part of the country continues to be hit with stages four, five and six of load-shedding, I am reminded that 2024 is now only 7 months away, and there are many things that government must act on to ensure that 2023, 2024 and the years to come are successful ones
for the agriculture sector.

I think more than ever we need to realise that standing together will take everyone much further than constantly working against one another. A little support goes a long way, and I hope that the world soon realises that we can do without private jets, but we cannot do without farmers. Please contact me to tell me what you would like to read about, and to share your story and your thoughts. Until next time, stay positive – happiness looks good on you. Enjoy the read.


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