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Onions, potatoes, and tomato volumes trend downwards

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Weekly average price trends increased while monthly price trends declined, each supported by declines in weekly volumes supplied and increases in monthly volumes supplied. Volumes are anticipated to continue increasing over the next three months, suggesting that prices may remain under pressure. We note that consumer demand will significantly influence the direction of prices until the end of the winter season.


Average monthly price trends declined, supported by a slight increase in volumes supplied. Volumes are expected to continue an increasing trend until the end of July, expected to start softening at the beginning of August. Namibia has extended import bans for carrots, which may be continued until 2025.


Average monthly onion prices showed increasing price trends, supported by declines in monthly volumes supplied, for the week ending on June 21st. Analysts observe winter volume trends for the last 4 seasons to depict an increase between June and July and some declines in supplies in early August.


Average weekly and monthly price trends noted increases, due to decreases in weekly and monthly supplied volumes. The largest market share is occupied by the Eastern and Western Free State, Northern Cape, and the North West regions, for supply. Analysts expect volumes to increase slightly, keeping the prices on a sideways trend until the end of July.


Monthly average prices presented an increasing price trend, supported by decreases in supplied volumes. Analysts note that volumes are slowly recovering and will remain on this trend until July.

Source: ABSA AgriTrends


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