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Novatek: Feeding for prosperity

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Need food for your sheep, chickens, pigs, horses, or fish? Look no further, Novatek Animal Feed has it all. 

They supply scientifically formulated quality feeds for your animals to grow to their full potential. Especially in times of drought when natural grazing is scarce, they are the people to go to. You also do not have to wait for your order, because they are fully stocked in Zambia.

Novatek has a stand at the AgriTech Expo where Lemmy Sikumba, Technical Advisor at Novatek Animal Feeds, Southern region told visitors more about the company: “We strive to produce a wide range of quality feed products to our customers. We put the customer first and support small and large clients.”

Jere Khuzwana, Technical Advisor, Northern region added: “At Novatek we are staying ahead of time by introducing new products. Our catfish range is new. We also produce feed for crocodiles. We wanted to bring something in with more nutrition. We increased our pelleting capacity and introduced a new flour plant.”

Lemmy Sikumba,Technical Advisor at Novatek Animal Feeds, Southern region and Jere Khuzwana, Technical Advisor, Northern region at the AgriTech Expo in Zambia.

Their product range:

  • Broiler feed
  • Layer feed
  • Pullet feed
  • Pig feed
  • Aqua feed
  • Dog food
  • Free range chicken feed
  • Feed for ruminants
  • Horse feed

Novatek is strategically located with a large retail and distribution network to serve farmers all over Zambia. They are the first and only feed company in Zambia that has ISO22000 certification. ISO22000 is an international Food Safety Management System (FSMS) standard used by business entities to ensure that the food, in their case feed, is safe for their consumers. This ensures that the feed will not cause harm throughout the food chain.

They have more than 50 agents in the region and agents in every town. They have two production facilities located in the capital city Lusaka and one in the Central Province.

Novatek exports feed to eleven countries with great success and supply a full range of technical services to its customers on nutrition, feeding programmes and animal husbandry. The technical support is given through farm visits or phone consultations.

They also offer free testing of raw feed materials to farmers and the general public, and provide feed formulations upon request to farmers using the Novatek Concentrates and Macro-packs. The formulations are well balanced, and are based on raw materials locally available.

For more information on Novatek’s wide range of products and quality feed for your farm, contact Robert Kanyembo, Novatek National Sales Manager on (+260) 97-125-2522.

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