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Moveable animal pen: Manage animals better with Porta-Pen from Bonnox

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Willie Jansen van Rensburg from Bloemfontein at his Bonnox Porta-Pen that he and one of his workers erected within an hour.

You will not find an easier, more convenient and more effective solution than the Bonnox Porta-Pen, says Willie Jansen van Rensburg from Bloemfontein in South Africa. Porta-Pen is a sturdy mesh-wire pen that is quick and easy to set up to keep your animals safely where they belong.

It is as easy and simple to put up the Bonnox Porta-Pen, as eating bread and butter. “You simply drive in a few support poles, unroll the wire mesh around the poles and attach it to the poles. The first time it takes about an hour, but as you gain experience you may cut the erection time down to thirty minutes,” says Willie.

“There is no need for firmly concreted anchor poles or expensive fences, and two people can get the job done perfectly,” he added.

Willie works for the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Health Division and farms part-time, but he intends to become a full-time farmer after his retirement.

He keeps Bonsmara cattle, but uses the Bonnox Porta-Pen to keep his wife, Rentia’s, gestating Dexter cows safe from predators. “After the calve is born, it will stay in the Porta-Pen with the cow to keep it safe from particularly stray dogs until it is old enough to fend for itself.”

“The Porta-Pen is not used for Bonsmaras because they are too big.”

The Porta-Pen’s squares are 100 x 100 mm, so nothing can get in or out. When the Porta-Pen is erected, it has a 10 m diameter and the fence is 1,2 m high.

The Bonnox Porta-Pen is sturdy and will last a lifetime.

Advantages of the Bonnox Porta-Pen:

•It can be erected in any place. “When the ground becomes too wet and muddy, I simply move it to a drier place to combat diseases in the cattle,” Willie says.

•It is a sturdy structure.

•The farmer can link several Porta-Pens together to make the enclosure bigger, or link it to existing fences to sort sheep.

•Porta-Pen is quick and easy to erect and rolls up small enough to make transport and storage a breeze.

•The applications are endless. It can be used to keep small-stock safe, to keep predators out, or to keep pets in.

•It is perfect for Merino ewes that are prone to discard their lambs. The ewes and lambs can be kept together in the pen to ensure that the lambs survive, especially for the first five days. After the fifth day the lambs are strong enough to keep up with the ewes in the field.

•You can help animals to remain comfortable in times of severe heat or drought by erecting the Porta-Pen in the shade of trees.

•Porta-Pen and goats can be used to combat unwanted plants such as sickle-bush and cat-thornbush.

The Dexter cow and her calf are grazing safely within the Porta-Pen in the shade near Willie’s house.

Willie is very pleased with the service he received from Bonnox, and he will not hesitate to support them again. His next Bonnox project is to erect a security fence around his home.

Bonnox has a wide range of products that provides excellent solutions for any farm. Contact Linda: 072-704-8764, Gerda: 081-865-4543 or Zane: 076-169-9068, the office at 012-666-8717, or, and, or visit the website:


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