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Make Bonnox part of your farm-smart

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“When you touch the wire, you can feel the quality,” says Hezekiel Malesa from Brits. He fenced his 23-hectare farm with Bonnox as part of his long-term farming plan.

“I invest a lot of money in my Boer goats and Kalahari-red herds and the
fence should protect my investment for the next twenty years.”

Just look at how sturdy the wire is, says
Hezekiel Malesa – no goat can break through.

Hezekiel is a part-time farmer and works in the city where he practises as
a lawyer. He has one full-time employee who takes care of the 89 goats that must be fed, managed and moved between the different camps on the farm.

All his fences are now 1,8-metre game fencing with smaller apertures at
the bottom and bigger ones at the top. With normal fencing the goats can
push the wires away from each other to climb through. The vertical wire links in a Bonnox fence makes this impossible.

Hezekiel Malesa from Brits ensured
the safety of his Boer goat and
Kalahari-Red herds with Bonnox.
The goats stay in and the thieves
stay out!

Hezekiel also claims that since he erected the Bonnox fence there has been no trouble with predators such as jackals or lynxes, and it helps to eliminate stock theft as well. He opted for the fully galvanised wire fence from Bonnox back in 2020, to ensure longevity in this region that receives a lot of
rain at times.

Initially, he used the posts that he had on the farm, but the fencing team
quickly complained that the posts were not strong enough for the fence, so he went back to Bonnox for the correct posts for the job.

He says: “I saw an advertisement and drove to them. They assisted me
very well and recommended the correct product to suit my needs.”

He was also very impressed with the fact that he received one roll of fencing for free for every ten rolls that he purchased. Hezekiel says he wished he could find a mentor who could teach him about all the other aspects of farming as thoroughly as Bonnox mentored him on fencing.

Strong posts that are anchored correctly ensure strong fences. Soon the irrigation system will help to produce feed on the farm, and the camps are ready and waiting.

“I grew up taking care of my grand father’s indigenous goats near Phalaborwa. That meant that I had to take the goats to the fields and stay there with them while they were grazing. Nowadays goats have to be
managed with the right genetics, feeds, and camps where the goats can graze or be fed.”

“As soon as my dam is approved, I can clean the camps and start planting. But luckily my fences are already in place,” says Hezekiel.

Make Bonnox part of your planning for your farm’s future. Contact Linda: 072-704-8764 Gerda: 081-865-4543 Zane: 076-169-9068 or 012-666-8717 or send an email to, and, or visit

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