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Kentmaster: The butcher’s best friend

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Producing quality meat products relies on quality machinery and Kentmaster is a world leader in terms of meat processing equipment.

Navigating the complex procedures can be challenging for busy slaughterhouses, abattoirs, meat processors, butchers, and chefs. But Kentmaster South Africa helps you to streamline the workflow.

They have been providing top notch equipment to the South African market since 1999 and can assist with value-for-money spare parts and excellent aftersales service.

Kentmaster South Africa’s stock range has everything you need and more.

The appropriate apparatus for running your business is essential. Kentmaster can provide you with butchery equipment and boning tools, abattoir hardware, and all other solutions for the meat processing industry in South Africa.

Butchery equipment can include knives, sharpeners, and stunners to balancers, hygiene, and production equipment. They also have value adding equipment, including tenderisers, injectors, and mixers, which are meant to improve the flavour and the quality of your meat products.

Some of Kentmaster’s butchery equipment:

Knives and sharpeners

Kentmaster offers different types and models of knives and sharpeners, depending on the use and individual needs. Whatever kind of knife you may be looking for – it can be:

  • The Filleting Knife
  • The Skinning Knife
  • The Splitting Knife
  • Or the Trimming Knife – Kentmaster has the right blade for you.

Kentmaster also offers different types of sharpeners, like electric, manual, or Indian Oil Stone, that you can use to keep your knives sharp and well-maintained.

The knives and sharpeners are made from the best materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, or Damascus steel, and are designed ergonomically to fit your hand and style perfectly.

Stunners and balancers

Kentmaster has a range of stunning and bolting equipment that are humane and efficient in stunning and dressing animals. The type of stunning system you need might be a pneumatic, electric, or captive bolt, but Kentmaster has the answer to each of these special requirements.

Kentmaster will provide different kinds of balancers, such as spring, air, or electric, to help you ease the lifting and movements of the carcasses by leaving your hands free for other important tasks.

Kentmaster’s stunners and balancers are also EU-compliant with animal welfare and food safety measures; they are strong and easy to operate.

Hygienic and production tools

Kentmaster has two series of production and hygiene equipment to give you a neat and clean working environment. It ranges from a simple wash basin to a full slot system that includes:

  • Boot washer
  • Steriliser, and
  • Conveyor belt

Stocking everything for the industry

Kentmaster product range is not limited to the main devices only. They offer hangers, gloves, aprons, and even scales that could help you with your daily duties and processes.

Kentmaster’s hygiene and production equipment are all made from sanitary and strong materials like stainless steel, plastic, or rubber, and they have been designed to help you be at your best both at work and in terms of your production flow.

Kentmaster’s role is not restricted to that of a supplier but a partner for your meat processing enterprise. Kentmaster provides consultation, support, training, and spare parts availability for its products to guarantee system-efficient operation and longer lifetime.

To meet every client’s needs, Kentmaster offers customised and personalised solutions, which can be adjusted according to each person’s specific requirements and personal preferences.


Here are some of the services that Kentmaster offer:

  • Technical support
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Replacement parts
  • On-Site services

Additionally, they also offer competitive prices while delivering the goods in a matter of hours.

Some of the values and goals that Kentmaster follows and pursue are:

  • Animal welfare
  • Food safety
  • Environmental sustainability

For the best equipment and service visit their website at


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