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As a research and development company involved in seed production, processing, distribution and marketing, Seed Co Zambia is a major role player in the Zambian agricultural sector. Seed Co’s products include certified maize, hybrid and other seeds such as wheat, soya beans, sorghum, sugar beans, groundnuts and vegetable seeds.

Seed Co Zambia is a subsidiary of Seed Co International, which has been in existence since the 1940’s, operating in South Africa, Malawi, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. They are listed on the Zimbabwe stock exchange. Their main clients are small-scale and emerging farmers, commercial farmers, non-governmental organisations and the government.

Seed Co has a footprint of over 700 agro dealers spread across the country and owns depots in nine provinces, which serve as hubs for seed distribution to the market. With a processing factory which has a capacity to produce 300 tonnes of seed per day, Seed Co distributes seed through its depots located in Lusaka, Choma, Kitwe, Chipata, Mpika, Mkushi, and Kasama.

With extension support second to none, Seed Co ensures that farmers and distribution partners enjoy the best possible advice and seed solutions to derive the best value from their products.

Seed Co has been and is still a major contributor to the E-voucher programme run by the Ministry of Agriculture, under the farmer input support program (FISP). The E-voucher has now been rolled out to all provinces of the country covering 114 districts.

Seed Co is strategically positioned to respond to the needs of over one million farmers earmarked to benefit from this year’s E-voucher programme. Their aim is to ensure that the farmers have access to the best certified seed which enhances farmer productivity and in turn improves the food security situation of communities and the country at large.

Apart from serving the domestic market, Seed Co Zambia also exports seed to other countries in the region, including Angola, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Botswana, the DRC, Kenya, Uganda, Swaziland and South Africa.

Seed Co pride themselves on the farmers’ meetings they organise regularly to transfer information on their leading edge agronomical technology. Their demonstration plots all over the country serve as learning centres for farmers. They are actively teaching farmers about productive methods of agriculture in order to raise productivity – as they strongly believe a knowledgeable farmer is an empowered farmer.

Among the maize varieties that Seed Co provides is SC719, a late white semi-dent hybrid variety, tolerant to green leafspot, maize streak virus and northern corn leafspot viruses. It takes between 140 and 148 days to mature and has a potential yield of up to 14 tonnes per hectare or 280 x 50 kg bags. It is recommended for Region II and III of Zambia (which receive an annual rainfall of between 800 and 1 500 mm).

In the medium maturity range, they offer varieties like the new SC647, which is a white flint hybrid with very good cob rot and tassel smut tolerance. It has a good standing ability, takes 130 to 136 days to mature and has a potential yield of up to 10 tonnes per hectare or 200 x 50 kg bags.

SC637 is another variety in the medium maturity range; a white semi- flint, with low risk of lodging and very good tolerance to maize streak virus. It takes 130 to 136 days to mature and can yield up to 13 tonnes per hectare or 260 x 50 kg bags.

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