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Grow your farm with LiuGong’s confidence machines

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Prompt and efficient solutions – that is what the farmer gets whenever het acquires a machine from LiuGong SA.

Ivan de Beer, Dealer Development Manager at Liugong SA, says at Liugong they believe in a healthier environment and tough equipment. “At Liugong Machinery we do not just sell products, we sell solutions,” he says.

LiuGong started in 1958 and brought the first modernized wheel loader to China in 1966, eventually expanding to 19 different product lines today. LiuGong focuses on the needs and wants of their customers. They understand that great machines have to be intuitive and ergonomic.

They have 20 manufacturing facilities, over 17 000 employees, 5 R&D bases, as well as 17 regional parts centres.

LiuGong know that equipment is nothing without a reliable service team that puts the client first. That’s why their world class manufacturing capabilities producing top of the line machines is supported by their vast network of more than 300 dealers in over 100 countries, all certified and trained by LiuGong. They are confident that whatever obstacle you face, wherever you face it, they can solve it together with you.

Some of their agricultural machines that stand out:

CLG777A backhoe loader offers high durability at an affordable price

With LiuGong’s advanced hydraulic system, their line of backhoe loaders is the ideal choice for multiple applications. Durable construction along with flexible operation capabilities and attachments make it a rugged and versatile piece of equipment.

Product features:

  • Reliable engine and wet axles. Frame designed for high resistance and efficient load distribution ensuring longer life.
  • Digging force increased by 10% along with increases in digging depth and minimum turning radius.
  • Tandem gear pump enables fine grading and has flow control via dashboard switch. Power assisted service brakes reduce fatigue.
  • Spacious cab offers wide view. More ergonomically designed handrail and steps for safe and easy entry/exit.

LiuGong’s skid steer 365B/375B is perfect for all the smaller work on the farm

With the flexibility of multiple attachments, you can handle many jobs with only one machine. It’s not only easy to operate, but also stable, with a low centre of gravity and a wide wheelbase. LiuGong’s skid steer loaders give you the dynamic performance you need and the stable reliability you can count on.

Product features:

  • Delivering unmatched performance, versatility, and ease of operation, the LiuGong skid steer loader is ideal for construction, landscaping and agriculture as well as other key sectors.
  • Multiple attachments are provided to increase your flexibility, enabling you to handle many jobs with only the one machine.
  • The application of simulation technology helped optimising power and fuel efficiency.
  • Three-stage nano fuel filter and oil filter extend the service interval to 500 hours. Under normal maintenance, the engine can run 8 000 hours before first overhaul, cutting maintenance cost by 25% to 30%.

A wide range of wheel loaders for all your needs

The 856H is currently LiuGong’s best seller.

Product features:

  • Customized engine is well matched with driveline system for maximum torque output at low rpm;
  • Advanced variable displacement hydraulics improve work efficiency and reduce oil consumption;
  • Wide opening hitch design, tapered roller bearings and dependable key components deliver strong load capacity;
  • Automatic transmission + FNR provide comfortable operation;
  • Pressurized FOPS/ROPS cab, 309° panoramic visibility for increased comfort and safety.

Excavators, dozers and material handling equipment are also available for agricultural applications.

Contact LiuGong at or 011-979-0971 for more information.

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