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For over 85 years, Gallagher has been protecting farmers’ assets

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Electric fencing

A smooth management system is essential for every livestock farmer. Thanks to Gallagher’s modern technology and solutions, their products make the farmer’s life easier and safer.

The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to help farmers manage their livestock more efficiently. The products include electric fencing solutions, weighing and EID (electronic identification) systems, pasture management tools, and animal water systems.

Electric fences

Gallagher’s electric fence systems are designed to keep animals safely inside. They offer a wide range of amplifiers, conductors, insulators, and accessories to help the farmer to precisely match his needs. The advantages of electric fence systems include lower cost, easy installation, and more flexibility in animal management. Electric fences solve the issue of wildlife conflict and help keep wildlife out of areas where they can cause crop damage, thereby reducing the need for harmful wildlife management practices.


Gone are the days of guessing. With Gallagher Animal Management’s weighing scales, a farmer can now determine exactly whether his livestock convert the feed and pasture he gives them into good and rewarding growth. Gallagher’s scales are affordable, reliable, easy to use, and thoroughly worth their money. Gallagher’s weighing scales are a useful management tool when you are standing next to the crush. You do not have to rummage through papers, you have instant access to the data on your phone.

“Gallagher’s scales are one of our most popular products,” says Mark Smit, Sales Manager of Gallagher SA’s Animal Management Department. “This is the way in which farmers monitor their livestock’s growth and performance over a period of time, to make timely adjustments if necessary. As the animal is weighed with its specific number, it is immediately displayed on your phone. You can also make adjustments, change information, and view the data in graph format,” explains Mark.

Gallagher’s scales have a robust design, are waterproof, sealed, and dustproof, and register weight in kilogrammes and pounds. The display’s numbers are also large and in colour for easy reading

Gallagher also offers wireless scales, which are connected via a bluetooth connection. It is easy to move from one place to another, with your data all stored in one place in the cloud. The bluetooth connection sends your animals’ weights straight to a Gallagher TW or TWR scale – doing away with the frustration of traditional loading bars. Compatible scales are the TW-1, TW-3, TWR-1, and TWR-5.


Gallagher also offers a range of useful water management solutions that make the farmer’s life easier and his animals’ lives more enjoyable. This includes things like automatic water markers, troughs, and pumps. Gone are the days of uncertainty about your water levels, worries about your livestock not having enough water, or hidden water leaks.

Gallagher’s wireless water monitoring enables farmers to monitor tank levels so you can determine with certainty how much water you have available. The biggest advantage of the system is that farmers do not have to go out early in the morning or late at night to check their water levels. They can do it safely from their homes. It also gives you all the information such as the water consumption, tank levels and automatic pump control. The farmer is also warned in time if water levels drop.

What does wireless water monitoring include?

• Monitors up to nine tank levels

• Controls up to two water pumps

• Measures water consumption

• Analyses water consumption to prevent wastage and know immediately if there is a water leak

• Sends notifications and alerts through the touch screen receiver or mobile application.

Gallagher’s mobile application enables you to manage the water levels of your ponds or tanks conveniently from your mobile phone. Gallagher is on the farmer’s side, which is why they offer solutions that are cost-effective, easy to install, user-friendly and make the farmer’s life easier. No wonder they have been market leaders in the field for the past 85 years.

For more information, visit Gallagher’s website at, or contact them on 011-974-4740, or send an e-mail to Their products are also available from cooperatives and other distributors

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