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Eight reasons why Agrico remains South Africa’s pioneers in irrigation

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With a rich legacy and years of experience, Agrico stands as a cornerstone in the South African agricultural landscape. Though widely recognised, there might still be some parts of the story you do not know. Through more than 120 years of service, Agrico has accomplished numerous achievements, ensuring they remain in the hearts and minds of South African farmers.

Here are eight quick facts about Agrico you might not know about:

1.A legacy of more than 100 years

Agrico’s founders arrived in South Africa in 1896. Their start-up company, Paul Andrag & Co, steadily expanded over the years. By 1928, Paul’s five sons joined the business, and it was renamed to P Andrag and Sons (Pty) Ltd.  Finally, in 2000, the Agrico you know today took shape, with 38 branches and hundreds of experts at your service.

2. Installing the first sprinkler system in South Africa

Agrico has been a leader in innovation since the start. In 1937, the company installed the first sprinkler system in South Africa with the help of the German company Perrot.

3. The oldest remaining PVC manufacturer in South Africa

Agrico is the longest standing manufacturer of PVC pipe in South Africa, supplying pipes in the country for over 30 years.

4.Three million metres of PVC per year!

Currently, the company manufactures over three million metres of PVC pipe yearly. That amounts to a length that is equal to three times the distance from South Africa’s most eastern to most western points!

5.Thousands of centre pivots installed across the continent

Since the first centre pivot was manufactured in 1988, more than ten thousand machines have been manufactured and installed. As the leading manufacturer of centre pivots in South Africa, Agrico pivots bring you the most advanced technology in irrigation.

6.Building the first theft-resistant pivot in the world

The Agrico fourth-generation (G4) centre pivot is the result of three decades of accumulated knowledge and experience. Designed from the ground up, the G4 is designed to safeguard your property against theft. All cables, electrical and drive train components are either hidden or made safe. The span cable is protected within the span pipe and tubular tower legs, and a completely revised compact centre with a secure main panel enclosure prevents vandalism.

7.Local manufacturing in three factories

Agrico has three fully owned factories. Two are based in Bellville, and the third is in Lichtenburg. They are responsible for manufacturing PVC pipes, centre pivots, irrigation components, implements, and other parts used in the building of Agrico products. Agrico’s factory in Lichtenburg has an integrated galvanising plant.

8.More than a quarter of international sales

Approximately 25% of the company’s sales are outside of South Africa.

There are over fifteen countries that Agrico has completed projects in. These countries include Ghana, Mauritius, and Nigeria!




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