Limpopo will host the country’s first-ever National PinZ²yl auction

The PinZ²yl cattle breed (pronounced “Pin-Zyl”) is a medium-framed, adaptable, and economically sustainable breed perfectly suited for African conditions. The PinZ²yl is fertile, tick and tick-borne disease resistant, and exhibits an excellent temperament. It inherits the hardiness, longevity, and fertility of the Nguni, along with the docility, production capabilities,[...]

Reeba Red Brahman & Droughtmasters getting ready for their 5th annual production auction

Both Red Brahmans and Droughtmasters are excellent cattle breeds if you want to maximise production while also adapting to different climates. The final decision between these different cattle breeds may come down to the breeder's individual objectives and preferences. "I have tried my fair share of different breeds and I[...]

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