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Use the Remacon YFEL solution for instant storage space

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Farmers are always on the lookout for storage solutions adaptable to seasonal needs. You suddenly have a large stack of maize which needs to be sheltered under roof in the barn but separated from feed rations. A month later some of the maize has been sold and you have to store lime in the same structure. How now brown cow?

However, a South African company has come up with a solution for mass storage by designing a versatile modular bunker system which is already employed widely in the agricultural sector. The YFEL system is a quick erection system to build a bunker, move an existing bunker or to change the layout of existing bunkers.

Remacon Products manufacture precast concrete products since 2004. The plan behind the modular YFEL system was inspired by the form of the Eiffel tower after the owner of Remacon, Silvio Ferraris, visited the tower in Paris. Every YFEL module is cast roughly in the form of the Eiffel tower seen from the side.

The adaptable YFEL blocks are used to construct dividing walls between various raw materials and products in large storage areas. It can be covered with shadow cloth, tarpaulins or permanent roofing to protect stored materials.

The panels are manoeuvred to stand upright against each other to form a strong wall. The YFEL panels are available in heights of 1,2 m to 4 m and with further options of 90°, 120° and 135° angles.

Some of the clients of the company include AFGRI, GWK, VKB, Beefmaster en VS Agri. Christopher Crosgrove of Remacon Products says: “Our agricultural clients are agog about the versatility. Someone may plan to order only one product but often he will order again and again because of the versatility.”

The YFEL panels are not necessarily permanent structures because they can be re-arranged easily as storing requirements change and a reconfiguration of the layout becomes necessary to stockpile the new season’s seed and fertilizer for a period of time.

Installation is easy and a wall of up to 120 metres long and 4 metres high is erected within eight hours if the necessary equipment is available and the terrain has been prepared. During the COVID-19 lockdown period such work with a lean personnel component is a great advantage.

There is no need for a construction team with their equipment for this elementary but efficient design and building task. With the correct soil preparation and a forklift or crane the panels are installed quickly so that the walls can be available immediately to create storage space. The manufacturer use self-compacting concrete which attains a strength of 40 to 60 megapascal after 28 days. Depending on the purpose and height of the bunker, different forms of steel reinforcing are used.

The design of the loose modules makes additions to the structure easy and quick. The needs of businesses are not static and for additional storing space, or as the cash flow of the undertaking allows, changes, additions and transfer to a different site is an easy and speedy job.

Christopher says: “The YFEL system has now become a standard item for many undertakings, depending on what their budgets allow.”

A further important advantage is that the YFEL system can move with you, should you decide or be forced to change to a different address. The uncertainty of future land ownership makes the YFEL system a movable asset and ensures that it will remain your property.

Obtain more information regarding the YFEL solution on the Remacon website or contact Christopher Cosgrove on 082-880-0184 or send an email message to

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