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TLU SA North and Eskom Limpopo

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On invitation of TLU SA North a meeting was held with officials of Eskom Limpopo in Baltimore. Most of the District Agricultural Unions of TLU SA North were present to discuss some problems they experience throughout the province with Eskom, and to find solutions and discuss the way forward.

The discussions were open and in good harmony. Issues that were put on the agenda, include:

-Turnaround time for new services
-Damage to equipment and infrastructure
-Maintenance on old lines
-Own generated power back into grid
-After hours call out
-Damage by sub-contractors
-Tariff, costs over and above usage
-2021 tariff plan
-Access to farms
-Vegetation Management
-Introduction of wild animals on farms
-Payments of accounts
-Electricity theft

However some of the outcomes can not be handled by Eskom’s provincial structure, and both Eskom and TLU SA North agreed to promote these issues to their higher structures. These include:

-To create a tribunal between Eskom, TLU SA and other interested parties, where national issues can be discussed and perhaps arbitrated;
-The economic impact to agriculture was put on the table by TLU SA North and must be addressed urgently on national level;
– Contracts between Eskom and clients need to be amended that it would be no longer a one-way contract from Eskom.

Issues that can be attended to on provincial level, include:

-Attending the issue of incompetent contractors on behalf of Eskom, who damage infrastructure from time to time, who are not properly identified, and whose maintenance are sub-standard.
-Eskom will have a meeting with them and TLU SA North will attend the meeting as well to discuss the complaints. Eskom undertook not to renew contract with contractors who create problems with clients;
– After hours call outs have been suspended for individual clients, except if they are flagged as Sensitive Customers. Eskom undertook to flag all farmers in Limpopo as Sensitive Customers, which means their problems will still be attended to after hours.

Clients of Eskom are assured that:

-They can claim in case of damage to equipment and infrastructure;
-Turnaround time for new service is still 90 days after signing of a contract and problems must be reported;
-Eskom asks clients to keep areas around transformers clean;
-If farmers get wildlife on their farms they are asked to inform Eskom about it for possible upliftment of lines;
-Eskom asked to report electricity theft

Follow up meetings will be held on:

-Own generated power back into the grid;

-Access to farms;

-Issues discussed in this meeting.

Source: TLU SA North


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